CARLY~ AKA "Monster," the star of the show, (though she'd be nothing without her supporting cast). Artist, writer, dreamer, part time pirate, mental six year old. Sweet, silly, naive, ditzy, yet smarter than she acts sometimes. Perpetualy confused, constantly picked on, terminaly optomistic. :)

RAY~ Carly's one and only. Sarcastic, cynical, sometimes sophmoric in humor, but Carly loves him because he's sweet, funny, and has that sexy hair. XD A vegitarian most (but not all) of the time, he loves sushi, seaweed, and squid (thanks to his Taiwaniese mom). Loves metal and classic rock, and plays guitar like a fiend. An avid gamer, he speaks both leet and binary, and will pwn your ass, n00b.

HOLLEN~ Tall, Amazonian, beautiful, with the ability to switch from scary and violent, to cute and silly, to sizzling and seductive in the blink of an eye. One of Carly's very best friends and one of the few things keeping her sane, even though she drives her crazy sometimes. Approach with caution.

TRISTAN~ AKA "Puppy," Hollen's boy toy. In the words of Vinnie, "Tristan's not whipped, he's just plesantly trained." Computer genius, less smart when it comes to, you know, people. Still, a really nice, sweet guy, even if he does play too much hacky sack.

SARAH~ A petite pyromaniac who changes her hair color like other people change their clothes. Sarah enjoys the finer things in life, like sharp pointy objects, setting things on fire, eating meat and shiny things. Pokes Carly all the time. >:(

AFSHAN~ AKA "The Mexeranian," master of the bizzare fragmented AIM conversation, and a big jerk. A funny jerk, granted, but still a big jerk. Is good at every sport known to man, but mainly lacrosse and soccer. Hollen's tormentor, Sarah's boyfriend, the world's manwhore.

LAUREN~ One of Carly's oldest friends, the two are often confused for sisters. Busty, blonde, and boisterous. manages to be childish (she loves Tigger and playing dress-up) and mature (always on top of school and work) at the same time. Has the ability to make everyone around her happy.

MEGAN~ AKA "Megga," "Meggabrat," and "Mini-Monster." Carly's little sister, she's cute, she's loveable, she's squeaky, she's a social whore. Sometimes a little on the mall goth side, Megan loves everyone and everyone loves her.

JORDANN~ AKA "Pimptress," Jordann has had a huge hand is Carly's obsessions with various comic books and amime. Quirky and funny, one of the founders of the Arthur's Momma joke.

SEBASTIAN~AKA "Azuzu!" Everyone's favorite short, promiscuous Columbian. You never know what's going to come out of his mouth next. Likes singing Cher and songs from random musicals. Also likes thinking of devious ways to stare at hot guys' asses.

KENDALL~Jordaan's younger sister. A fan of sci-fi (Firefly!) and good music. Sarcastic, slightly evil, and quick to use a "Your Momma" zing. Likes to make fun of Jordaan's anime obsession.

DEZI~A little bit insane, Dezi is constantly saying and doing things to amuse everyone else. Carly's fellow Aerosmith fan, the other founder of the Arthur's Momma joke. Beware, for she will wrap you in bacon and throw you on the grill!

ARTHUR~The long suffering Arthur is the butt of many jokes. If he's not being told how colossaly fat his momma is (so fat that other mommas orbit around her like planets), he's being teased for being an emo kid. Oh Arthur, we love you so.

HARRISON~ Harry is like a big, friendly bear. He rarely shaves, gives good hugs, and is constantly mooching food from everyone else. He carries around a briefcase and his greatest ambition in life is to be a hobo.

VINCENT~ Vinnie probably gets tired of being "sooooo cute!" A bouncing, climbing, stealing, roughhousing ball of energy. From climbing on top of lockers to throwing your shoes into a tree, you never know what he's going to do next.

FOREST~ Carly, Hollen, and Sarah met Forest while being extras in the movie Man of the House (It's true! We're in the football stands!). They were collecting discarded water bottles and naming them, he was burning his shoe with a magnafying glass. As you do. A friendship was born.

JOHNATHAN~ Arr! Just a big, swashbuckling sweetie. Has a crush on Hollen. :)


LAN~ AKA "The Supervegan." Constantly preaching the evils of meat consumption and the folly of using animal byproducts to an unreceptive audience. Always speaks in questions.

RISINGER~ US Government teacher. Loudly Republican, openionated, smug, confrontational, a jerk.

COACH BROWN~ PE coach. One of the scariest women you could ever meet. Thinks running up and down rickety bleachers is a perfect way to kill an hour and a half. Pure, unadulterated evil.

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