One upon a time, there was a bored little Monster who liked to draw...
Heh. Ahem.
Monster vs. The World is a semi-real life based comic about me and my friends. I originally started drawing these quick little comics with no intention other than to amuse my buddies, but when even people who werenít in them told me they liked them a lot, I thought "...huh."
So M.v.W. went on the web. At first, I posted them on a comic blog run through LiveJournal called Sequential Insanity, along with my then more serious comic project, Losing My Religion. I soon realized that I was more cut out for the quick, no color, no plot freedom that M.v.W. aloud me, and LMR fell by the wayside.
Monster, in case you were curious, is a nickname given to me by Hollen. After years of drawing myself with wings and a lion's tail (it's true, you can check out my old art on my website) and having people ask me "So, what the hell are you supposed to be?" I figured I'd just add horns (Yes, those are horns) and be a monster. Made sense to me.
Really, the extra attributes the comic characters have arenít meant to be that big of a deal. I just have fun drawing my friends with cat ears and tails and such, so I do. The humor is in the interactions, or at least I'd like to think it is. Everything you see in this comic is based, in one way or another, in real life. Either it actually happened, the idea of it happening was discussed, or it's some sort of inside joke. Either way, despite the wings and tails those are real people up there. :)

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